Oil coming out of intercooler pipe

4. Hey guys, while under my truck yesterday i noticed engine oil leaking from somewhere on the passenger side below the radiator/intercooler:o:. Common causes for oil in the intercooler are 1. MIne is the same way, well not blowing oil out, intercooler gets quite a bit of oil in it. Have taken turbo off and spindle feels good only very minor play across shaft, certainly not enough for the blades Here is why, from experience. GO-PED , Dec 27, 2007 #1 edit: I just checked and I also have oil coming at the intercooler pipe Show Full Signature 2002 dodge 2500, 4x4, 47re, quad cab, 5in exhaust raptor 100, isspro gauges. The turbine wheel will gently rub the inside of the housing, causing a little bit of stress on the shaft and bearings. Nov 02, 2013 · Oil coming from the intercooler pipes is also possible, and it would indicate that the engine is putting a lot of oil through the breather pipe that goes into the turbo intake pipe. you have an oil leak from the turbo this is why you will have light on far left of dash The oil you see is atomised oil from the breather vent system, If you high rev or over fill the oil (90% of all garages put too much oil in on service) it causes more oil vapour which gets pulled into the intake, All breathers are fitted to the inlet side on the pipework due to constant vacuum to remove the oil vapour/combustion gasses. 7L. and intake after mounting a new turbo, intercooler, pipes and hoses 17 Feb 2012 On closer inspection the oil seems to be coming from the little pipe that runs from the diesel pump up to the air intake. Noticed today a small amount of oil in the pipe to the intercooler. Does this indicate a bad pcv valve? Or maybe a bad turbo? I have not seen any smoke coming out of the tailpipe, but maybe I'm not looking behind me that much. Oct 10, 2012 · So, it vents into the air intake system and leaves a little oil mist in the intake. The catch can acts as a reservoir for the oil blown out of the outlets of the tappet cover. If there is a lot of leaked oil in it, it means the piston oil rings are worn and are allowing oil to enter the combustion chamber. An oil saturated air filter or a puddle of oil in your air filter box seems like a strange occurrence by all means considering that its the last thing you would expect to find. does anybody know what is wrong. Ok you can say I’m a new-B to Mercedes, I just bought a 1987 300D 6 cylinders diesel engine with 210,000 miles and I paid $450. 0 Powerstroke. ( well as clean as I can) On replacing the turbo we found a hole in the engin oil return pipe after Seem to have oil coming from my intercooler pipes does anyone know is this normal or major fault just change rocket filter/intercooler pipes. 9 cdti hose, If white smoke is coming out from the exhaust pipe, you have to check the engine to determine the cause. Fearing the Turbo seals are about to let go I had a new one fitted (the old one was full of oil and making rasping noises when spinning by hand) I cleaned out all the relevant pipes (thoroughly as instructed by my mechanic) and the intercooler. 8 respectively. I thought that would be the end of it but there is still some drops of oil on my driveway when I park the car. Just as a preface, I had a bit of an oil leak coming from the intake hose on the side of my turbo (04 jetta TDI) so i fixed it by putting on a doggie collar. hi from DICK the owner have disconnected blowby hose and oil filler cap and complete air filter,and pipe to intercooler have cup under turbo outlet boat in mariner in neutral engine hot with new turbo no oil leaking at 1200 rpm and 30 psi oil pressure oil starts to spit as rpm go up spiting oil badly at 2000rpm this is no load flight rpm have Put some in and about a mile down the rd did it again and said about oil pressure low so I stopped and looked under car and oil was just pouring out. I have recently turned down my pump to where I make about 6psi boost. Recommended torque is 60 in/lbs. Seawater is 65F, so the recommended oil grade is probably fine. 28 Aug 2015 It has a new turbo and rear PCV. I got an AOS from TIC and not a lick of oil in my intercooler/elbow and not a lick of smoke out the tail pipe, even after several hard track days. If the boots are in bad shape, replace them. However even the breather side can draw in oil to the intake from the vacuum generated - our traverse usually gets a nice little puddle in the intake hose that I empty out a tablespoon or so each oil change (they actually designed it with a For the last 1 foot or so before entering the intercooler, we stepped up to 3″ pipe. It would be going against the Jetstream of air. 9 engine. It is at a constant low flow mostly out the right tail pipe when driving. Quite likely the oil is coming from the turbo and feeding into your charge pipe/intercooler, but it does not always mean there is a prob with the turbo. Apr 18, 2014 · Find out why Close. 0t coupe. doesn't seem a lot of oil, again its not dripping from what i can tell but if i put my Front Mount Intercooler Sort: Recommended Price (Low to High) Price (High to Low) Newest A to Z Z to A Displaying 1 to 40 (of 40 ): Water to Air Intercooler, 150 PSI 17"x12. The oil that's seeping from the lower passenger's side pipe going in to the intercooler could have been from the breather too. Its fitted to the pipe connected to the intercooler like a normal dump valve. Causes of oil leaks to Restricted or blocked oil drain pipe from the turbocharger to the engine. Coming out of 2nd the turbo sounds clunky, almost like it's leaking too early or not taking enough air in the give it that tsss . Step 3 – Check the Valve-Train Hello, looking for some help! have found some fresh oil coming out of the intake pipe rubber hose at the turbo end where the 2 clamps are. ) taken apart one of our turbos and examined it. It includes two T-bolt spring clamps. You do not really need to take the intercooler out and drain it. Most who do only get a little bit of oil out of it, and that small amount of oil is not worth the hassle. Rudy's Diesel Intercooler pipe kit Install Sluggish boost leak Powerstroke 6 I’ve never seen low RPM cause this. Since I let out a pint of oil which brought it down to the 3/4 level the smoke is decreasing slowly. Some catch cans simply have one line coming from the crankcase to the can and then use a small breather filter to allow pressure to vent out of the top of the can. Also, should there be oil coming out? Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk. Jul 21, 2008 · I have noticed recently that oil is leaking out of an intercooler pipe. Charge Pipe features beaded ends and T-bolt clamps to prevent intercooler piping from coming off from boost. Optional Type III Hard Black Anodizing (for stealth and OEM look). Clean the ends of the boost tubes real well when assembling the silicone hoses and clamps and you are done. Both hoses can be accessed by only removing plastic paneling from bottom of car. Forgive me if this is a stupid question but I am new to turbos so I am not really sure if this is supposed to be. The oil in the engine was fine when I changed it, oil on dipstick looks and feels good, oil under filler cap is clean. Without me touching the key, it killed itself. " Also, the oil filter will take up some oil too, so that could be why your oil level is lower than when you poured it if you didn Hi, There is alot of oil in various boost pipes and intercooler and was wondering what the cause was? And the cure? Engine is currently out (which is how i found out) so ideally want this sorted before refitting. The oil leaks where the pipe with the red arrow in the lower left joins to the intercooler intake. well that was their explenation. The oil we are concerned about is coming from the pcv tube just in front of the turbo. The car is booked in now, will get it tommorow and hopefully the problem is fixed. 1) Turbo getting too much oil. anyways i was doing my injector o-rings and found puddles of oil in my passenger side intercooler pipe. Just If you have oil actually dripping from the intake hoses (when you unclamp them), you've potentially got a problem. and what about having oil in the intercooler, will that just go in time, is it a problem. The car runs good, I got it from japan bone stock , last week I took it to the track and did 3 runs (1/8th mile) 9. 7L Powerstroke is a direct replacement for your factory hot side intercooler pipe. OEM intercooler setups are not designed to handle the higher levels of boost that come with modifying your turbocharged vehicle. Apr 30, 2010 · oil dripping from bottom intercooler pipe - posted in TDI & Diesel Forum: i have a tdi 130 and noticed oil dripping from the bottom intercooler pipe ,can any 1 help thanks Then one day when you are feeling up to it, remove the intercooler and wash it out real with dishwashing soap and hot water or simple green or something to get rid of the oil Wash out the two boost tubes. I haven't seen many oil-in-the-intake posts that actually turned out to be oil from the turbo. Stock breather on front of passenger side valve cover. 2) Turbo not able to freely draing oil. and still have oil spitting out. For example, if a turbo is suffering from an oil leak die to worn seals, then the oil that has ‘leaked’ out has to go somewhere – and the somewhere is most likely to be the intercooler. Its coming from the seal where the black plastic section of the intercooler is crimped on to the aluminium intercooler body. It comes from the PCV system which is extremely weak. I presume its a leaking intercooler as Ive looked through the bumper and it seems pretty oiled / gritted up. These motors have loads of blowby when they are in good shape, adding boost/power makes it much worse. But I may sort out wee leak. I take off the charge pipes from my intercooler and find out that there is oil, more than usual collected all throughout the charge system coming from the turbo. Dec 10, 2010 · Re: oil on my intercooler pipe by retrofreek123 » Sun Jul 22, 2012 9:26 pm Ok my oil is coming from the pipe and it's running down the engine now has you can see it from underneath is this to much ie turbo seal gone my hose looks fine and the jubilee clip is tight. 05 Jun Hello all, has anyone had oil leaking from the turbo boost pipe joint area of a 2012 2. As the air that enters the intercooler comes directly from the turbocharger, it does mean that if you've ever had any issues with the turbo  If there is a kink, bend, twist or partial blockage in the oil return pipe, this will cause the oil pressure to build up in the bearing housing, resulting in leaks from  15 Mar 2019 Turbo residue, especially oil, can easily clog the intercooler, but also other A leaking intercooler is often due to high system pressure, which can ensure that the intercooler is free from any debris – such as oil, metal or other particles. I figure the turbo shouldn't mind some oil though. Jul 03, 2015 · He had a look for me and took off the breather pipe, no sign of Oil in there, looked quite clean. Built from 3" mandrel-bent tubing, this intercooler pipe outflows your factory pipe by 20%! Total 500 hours. Feb 16, 2012 · Intercooler dripping oil - UpdatedGuess how much to fix it£££ - posted in Engine, Tuning and Performance: For a while Ive had oily patterns after rain underneath the drivers side valance. Any ideas where engine oil would come from in that The EcoBoost F-150 intercooler cools down your intake air coming from the turbocharger, allowing your EcoBoost engine to take in denser air. 5% free of oil, the thing about the restrictor is true if not using the factory oil feed line, the problem is to much oil will build up in the CHRA and the oil level will rise above the seals and that will cause oil to be drawn out. The intercooler ends are smooth plastic, so mine just popped right off. 7. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Looks like the rubber has perished, so will need to get a new one ordered from the local dealer, however was supprised to see so much oil in this part of I took my patrol back to nissan today to show them the amount of oil i catch in my intercooler i have provent and the outlet pipe is all clean, the oil must be coming from the turbo. The question is should the intercooler It is normal to find the intercooler (core and Y-pipe) contaminated with oil as a result of the factory setup. 6L Duramax. This is intended to help out all of those here who have not (yet. It joins just before the EGR  26 Jun 2018 I seem to have a leak on my pipe from turbo to intercooler. simple. 0L Turbo 10-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe in Nov 10, 2013 · Now the only other logical place for oil to come from is the main turbo shaft seal OR the alu compressor side of the turbo isn't properly seated onto the turbo "cartridge" centre peice and under pressure its pushing oil out and spraying it around, I'd be onto the folk that re-built the turbo and be asking for a replacement unit, as I think its The AFE 46-20148-B BladeRunner Hot Side Intercooler Pipe for your 2011-2016 Ford 6. When coming to a stop sometimes it encircles the car. 0 115 dci m9r vivaro/trafic engine on 100,000 miles? Oil also in ducts to intercooler and egr. The pipe moves in and out a little showing wear and tear. its the pipe in the back of the intercooler , not actually attached to the FMIC. First of all, understand where the oil comes from and the effect of it in the intake. The rubber boots connecting the turbo plumbing on my F-350 are stamped with a statement like "It is normal for oil to be in this fitting". drain oil in intercooler . Featuring 3” mandrel bent hot side and cold side tubes and a Y-bridge, the Intercooler Charge Pipe Bundle is crafted from quality materials. oh well I love Jul 22, 2016 · the IAG AOS heats the unit and the oil using the engine coolant so theres no condensation. Step by step instructions on how to remove the turbocharger from a 2004 to 2016 model 6. The kit includes the boot that connects the intercooler pipe to the intercooler on the Driver's Side. b. . Performance intercoolers and intercooler pipe upgrades for the 6. On the 1. Now for the problems that I see are oil coming out of the tail pipe like dripping and a lot of blue smoke. Hello. Because the injectors are toasted, I had to drive the Jeep extra hard to get somewhere, and because of that the breather pipe pushed out more oil into the turbo and intercooler piping. Oil can go up to the exhaust manifold from the turbo and burn it out from there. that sucks. Oil is generally not from the turbo, but from the CCV. I am in the process of swaping in a mountune intercooler and all new piping. Anyways i found a clamp where 2 of the pipes meet a clamp slide away where the leak could be, and there was an oil residue on the pipe, i took the rubber pipe and the clamp out and about a table spoon of oil came out, i really dont know why. Ski, it dosn't look like you have an excessive amount of oil in there at all, I wouldn't worry about it unless you start to see smoke out of the exhaust pipe or like brfatal said, "pouring it out of the intercooler. If you have added more fuel and more air with a larger turbo, injectors, or tuning, the next step is to upgrade the intercooler, boots, and pipes. 0L Powerstroke. The effects of fuel and oil on rubber CAC boots are quite significant. Nothing coming from the valve cover, isnt coming from the timing cover either. May 23, 2003 · If you take the up pipe off you can see if oil has been going through the intercooler and uppipe and into the throttle body. if oil is found . Also noticed the air cleaner looked quite dirty (oily/sooty). i changed my turbo to intercooler pipe a couple of weeks ago and found theres oil in the intercooler, bottom pipe and at the bottom of the main boost pipe where it meets the intercooler. Source of I/C oil is easily diagnosed:Oil in TIK pipe and oil in I/C means oil is coming from breather pipe but some oil could also come from leaking piston seal in turbo compressor. May 18, 2015 · Usually you do get a decent amount of oily blowby coming through the PCV hence the use of catch cans. Note, if the oil was truly coming from inside the intercooler, there would also be a pressure leak and most likely a loud whistle. And it would be blowing oil everywhere. Sep 26, 2006 · The oil will either be getting into the intercooler via the turbo itself ( worn bearings ) or it could be coming from the breather off the crankcase going into the airfilter and passing through the whole turbo / intercooler plumbing. Think it's coming from the return pipe Bc there's allot of oil near the turbo and according to every site that's right where they say oil will be if the seal goes. The Mishimoto intercooler & piping kit is designed as an ideal upgrade for the 2. 3 oil leaking out exhaust The truck was leaking oil out exhaust there was no blow by and no oil in fuel. when I took out the air cleaner and related plastic piping there was oil residue inside the pipe. Install the HSP LLY/LBZ/LMM Intercooler Charge Pipe Bundle and get an improved performance for your 2006-2010 GM 6. 9TDI 2002) We are trying to figure it out at the moment and have replaced the black rubber ring in the black mechcanism which joins the intercooler pipe to the intake manifold at the top of the engine. The Garrett GT3788VA variable geometry turbocharger is tucked deep in the engine valley at the rear of the engine and therefore removal is a somewhat extensive procedure. I had to pour out my intercooler boots and intercooler every now and then. maybe I do need head gaskets then. The cold side pipe was pretty well coated as seen in pics, but the intercooler was bone dry. 5″ pipe into the carb hat, a low profile piece by Procharger that is designed to straighten out the airflow as much as possible before entering the throttle body. I went ahead a replaced the turbo and again oil is coming out of exhaust side of the turbo Quick info. The intercooler pipe connection to the turbo was a bit loose so dont know if that was the problem. Jan 21, 2016 · However, how that is done is a controversial topic. Top. There is a shaft with a couple bearings in the turbo which are lubricated by engine oil. Nov 27, 2011 · Why turbos leak oil into the exhaust - With Pics! This article was written by Vigo on 07-28-2010. Had issue over heating. In the EJ20 engine, there are essentially two hoses that "blows" oil from the engine, crankcase and rocker covers (left and right). The crankcase breather pipe that comes out the top of the engine does not fit into some aftermarket filters. Aug 26, 2006 · just done the oil return pipe aswell today, man what a pig, trying to get the pipe back in, ive had it off the car before, and put it back, it was like mission impossible today, oh well done now. The pipe stsps down to a much narrower diameter and its probably at this step the oil collects. Turns out the leak is actually coming from the intercooler itself but was hard to diagnose because the oil kept getting blown under and over to the rubber hose. Just bought I a 9-3 1. According to GM there will be some oil in the intercooler due to the PCV valve venting into the intake, BUT it SHOULD NOT leak out the lower hose. It is recommended to clean intercooler every 50000 KMs. The inlet manifold passes the air to the cylinders through some valves. Now (after leaving for a day) Ive got a 50p piece size drop of oil. 3 Tech. Hot exhaust gases are cooled by the EGR cooler before being circled back into the engine. Ok, the internet can make a simple comment sound funny:hug: Try taking the oil cap off and see if you have any blow by coming out of the fill tube. BUT A lot will defiantly affect the of the inter-cooler efficiency. They do have a fairly loose fit but when under pressure they tighten up and seal more. This means the oil gathers in the bottom of the intercooler, reducing the performance of the intercooler itself. I have noticed that my over flow tank has been getting dark on the inside but fluid looks clear and the proper colour, doesn't look oily. Since I installed the ProVent in my car I measure 4oz of oil filtered out of the blow-by every 1000 miles; all that oil would have otherwise gone through the turbo, the intercooler and the intake. One of the mechanics mentioned when this pipe is replaced you need to reset the oil dilution so the computer reads the new correct readings. the trubo bearing/seal (probably more the seal) is stating to go and that is leaking oil into the return pipe. Instead of being tapped back into the intercooler piping before the turbo, and also directly into the plenum as is standard procedure, the 2 lines both run into the catch can. The is also oil coming from the breather and ventilation system and the breather valve on the waste gate solenoid. I have a oil leak on the passanger side of the car and looks at the front of the car looks like it coming from the intercooler. 4 but it is a company truck that I am the manager for. An intercooler is a heat exchanger that goes in between the two turbos in a Since diesel fuel is basically oil, the engine is more than capable of burning any the radiator and a cloud of gray and white smoke coming from your exhaust pipe,  31 Oct 2012 In the case of a small crack or hairline fracture on the intercooler, it's very If there's a PCV hose coming off the valve cover that connects to the air air pressure without regulating psi can cause the oil seals to blow out. I Have a 2013 2. Oil wont be coming from the thermostat but from the coil pack O ring. Most of the oil residue I have near the intercooler connection comes from the ATF that leaked during ATF changes (ATF cooler exit connection is just above the intercooler air connection) First, why is there oil in these air pipes, it is because the PCV system dumps the oily vapor into the air intake before the turbo. Check out the bentley for the specific location of the valve. 96 a/r. I'll look closer at the seal area, the clamp to the turbo inlet looks good from what I can see. To check this warm the car up the rev it to 2000rmp hold for about 5-10sec drop down to tick over wait a couple of sec then back up to 2000rpm do this about 10-15 times it should start to smell of oil then blue smoke will start to come out of the ehaust then loads will come out. there is non where the pipe meets the turbo. Even if you clean, it will accumulate again. These valves open at the beginning of a cycle, then close down when the air is through, and then open again at the beginning of the next cycle. contarary to popular belief it doesnt come from the turbo unless its goosed but in fact comes out of the breather pipe, so best bet would to be clean system out and stick and oil seperator in the line. 9, 8. 8T I just got my tires done and the machanic drove it to test them, and I asked him about some issues I was experiencing with my drive. Along with any other hoses affected. Nothing on the oil cap. Air leaks in the intake hoses or at the intercooler. Worryingly there seems to be a decent film of oil through the intercooler and into the throttle body that must be coming from the turbo. So it will accumulate in the intake pipe and inter cooler. Jul 17, 2013 · 2008 f350 6. 4l Leaking oil through exhaust Ok im basically new to diesel as this is my first its a 2008 f350 6. Leaking boost would be noticeable. Its had a new drive belt fitted before Sep 05, 2018 · The Reasons for Oil in Intake Manifold. Jun 28, 2013 · I can notice the smoke from the drivers seat. Oil in the air filter or housing is known as blow-by and it can be caused by several different reasons that should be corrected immediately as it could be the result of Oil in intercooler pipes. There is a kit that can be purchased that adds a little drain to the intercooler but I have only seen that surface once, maybe you have one of those drains and it is leaking. The intercooler is upstream of the turbo and I don't see how oil vapor could go into the intercooler. If you have the stock breather buy a breather and plug off the hole on the inlet bell. the additional probable reason of oil in intake pipe is that oil came from the oil bath, because the air pass to the oil bath before coming in the engine. Can you take a picture and upload it with the paperclip icon? you will get oil into your intercooler tubes from the pcv. Mar 29, 2010 · And the last piece of evidence, a couple of days ago when I took my intercooler piping off for a repaint, I noticed the pipe coming straight from the turbo to the intercooler was coated with oil in the inside, but none of the other pipes in the system had any signs of oil, only that one pipe coming straight from the turbo. Thing is, Im also take off pipe going to the intercooler from the turbo see if oil is found and clean then other pipe from incooler check it . there is a TSB to correct to oil drip problem. Check it at or around 500 miles. the pcv system dumps air into the intake tract before the compressor wheel, after the compressor the system is charged, except for the blowoff valve on certain cars. ah right, so is the part in question the intercooler hose as i'm not too sure which one that is? or is the pipe i am talking about something different? my one seams on there fine, the metal jubille clip is holding it on but as i say there is some oil seeping out of the top where the clip is holding it on. 9TDI 2004 My father has the same problem (Volvo V40 1. Excessive oil Jun 07, 2008 · Volvo S40 1. Oil will eventually leak out. The turbo is a master power t70 . its expensive yes, you could probably buy 10 catch cans for the price, but the trade off is 100% maintenance free and the oil drains back into your crankcase, even in cold climates. Its the one (when facing the engine from front) on the left at the top from EGR to Intercooler. It smells like just oil. Just pulled the intercooler off as I suspected there's a vacuum leak where the intercooler Y pipe joins onto the turbo which could be causing my idle problems (you've probably seen me post on these recently). Bad turbo seal. take pipe off and have a look at the turbo and see if you can see any oil leaking from inside of it. Mar 24, 2012 · So there is oil in the y-pipe on top of the engine (coming from the turbos and going to the intercooler)? And some in the other pipe going to the turbos? Not sure what the other hose is- this might be the turbo control valve. Is this something to be concerned about? Oil in the charge air cooler pipes and hoses. cheers. Will keep you posted. easy way to check if its a pcv problem is to take the intake off and look for oil deposits, if there are none then its probably a bad turbo. To describe a little it's under the intake manifold and there will be a 90' bend coming off the top of the oil filter housing, you follow the rubber tubing attached to that and you will find this Y shapped valve not so far down the line. Some oil escapes past the seals in the turbo; if that PCV system isn't pulling out the vapors from the side of the turbo, the oil just gets blown around through the system and sits in your hoses, leaks from the intercooler, makes a huge mess, and gets burned in the engine. Check the tube and the connections on the driver side. If the intercooler springs a leak, then your compressed air from the turbo will lea A small tiny amount of oil is normal. Once removed I looked at the air duct pipe to the intercooler, found a reasonable amout of oil in it so looked further and found oil in the intercooler and through the other side into the housing on the intake maifold. SUMMARY: cp-eTM set out to create an upgraded intercooler for the N54 powertrain that not only increases thermal efficiency, but also reduces the pressure drop along the intercooler core. Half full of oil. I suspect the shattered blades then tore apart the oil seal, which then pulled engine Dec 20, 2014 · The turbo went out and had to be replaced, so I had it replaced and went to crank my truck and oil blew out from the exhaust pipe. That still enough time to see if any more oil is leaking in. Its coming from the pipe that goes from the Turbo to the inter-cooler. Having oil in the intake system is normal but could be a breather problem like a faulty pcv valve. All small, turbo diesels will have oil in the intake system. c. Sep 27, 2012 · the oil is literally pouring out of the breather pipe, not a lot you can do about that other than install a catch can, being 22mm breather youll need a custom job, which is exactly what I got, in 2000 miles I have colleted about 10ml of oil. I am wondering if this is coming from the PCV Servicing the patrol last weekend and noticed oil leaking from the pipe coming out of the turbo to the Intercooler. Checked the intercooler pipe and only a bit came out, although looks to be more than there should be in the throttle body. (hate cars that piss on the driveway!) Take it back and have them do the TSB, which IIRC involves a different sealant, a different clamp and maybe a new Dec 28, 2014 · 2008 f350 6. Nissan tell me that this is perfectly normal and happens on all models and the turbo is designed to do it. Before installing Just clean out the pipes with a rag and the boots as well. Jun 05, 2015 · Hello there i have a question long winded lol i have a Hyundai i800 style 2. Fresh oil, at norrnal level, no detected oil consumption and not thinned. Not sure if this is 100% correct but kind of sounds true as now the air is leaking and there is a different reading of air going from the intercooler through the cracked pipe and into the manifold, etc. 6L Duramax diesel. oh well I love Just as a preface, I had a bit of an oil leak coming from the intake hose on the side of my turbo (04 jetta TDI) so i fixed it by putting on a doggie collar. Anyone have any idea what could be source? I search and found a lot of STI owners having problems with oil feed lines cracking but i didn't know if that also was a problem on the WRX. Unless you have a lot ( like runny oil rather than black sooty muck ) then do not be too worried. a. There isn't much oil, but over time it collects in the bottom of the intercooler. Our company mechanics are confused with it. The problem with the intercooler connections is that they are the only 2 places on the pipes where they join to a fixed point on the car and when the engine and all the other pipes move they are held still and cause the pipes and joints to flex and move. Not my personal 6. Looked back between the intercooler and the intake and it is all dry back there. Dec 28, 2013 · The oil residue is a result of the ever growing list of emissions measures that the engines have to have, the BMW is the exact same as every other modern diesel in that the oil separator is woeful, the oil does no good whatsoever to the intake stream and builds up in the base of the intercooler as well as being pulled right through the intake Jul 26, 2011 · Ok first. also oil in the intercooler = bad clean out after fixing the turbo = use solvent or something to dissolve oil but make sure A well designed intercooler will help prevent engine knock, and can also keep engine coolant and oil temperatures down. If your clamp band is at all slightly lacking in tightness this allows boost air to force oil out past the clamp band and it will be forced out on to the silicone hose. I took off the hose from the turbo to the intercooler to have a look and inside the hose was a small pool of oil just before the intercooler, also there was oil all Hello wise tranist people Right i'm replacing a turbo on a mates van which has blown the oil seal. 100k miles on the clock) this weekend to get access to my PCV valve for removal and cleaning. I had an Audi that leaked tons of oil. I would keep an eye on it. Possibility of turbo seals: the pattern of the oil on the paper element does not suggest to me it's coming out of the turbo intake. They have a great chart in there IIRC. 9 cdti, oil opel vectra 1. Flush and clean out the crankcase breather pipe coppaslip the handbrake actuator elbows. Engine oil 1040 Semi Synthetic -- the GM stuff is probably the cheapest out there meets the specs and RallyCinq uses it in the rally car. It still has oil building up in the boost pipes could this be the front PCV valve? I purchased one from Rock Auto  03 Oil contamination. 5 diesel it is on 103000miles had a split in the inlet manifold side took the pipe off to change it whilst i was there i cleaned out the intercooler there was about 2-3 eggcups of oil in there so i checked the turbo and there was a good pudding spoon size of oil there. If this were my 6. 8T, a little low is better than a little high. 3) Engine building crankcase pressure, pressurizing the turbo thru the drain line and forcing oil out the seals. Oil vapors coming from PCV valve (The Positive Crankcase Ventilation) is connected with intake pipe. I read on another message that its a seal which needs replacing. If you have oil coming from the charge tube at the intercooler then the area needs to be cleaned and checked for further leakage. Car is an Audi A4 B5 110hp 1. mostly in power plant design and some in marine diesel engine used this. just to be sure, check your oil level. Its a light brown/oily/foamy substance. I was having the same issue only a LOT more oil and it was coming out as smoke from my tail pipe after hard cornering at the track. Nothing awful, the motor will burn the little excess oil off in the cylinders. We have replaced the rubber ring with two intercooler rings to see if whe are loosing pressure and to stop the oil from coming Thoroughbred Diesel is your source of diesel stock parts for your Ford Powerstroke 6. Intercooler pipe is completely dry. I suppose the lower spot is a connection point too? It's not a major leak, just makes things nasty around it. Signs of oil on intercooler/intake on MKIV Jetta 1. Check for shaft play in the turbo and also check your lower intercooler pipe for any oil. When changing gears (even out of boost) it puffs out a nice cloud that can be seen by everyone. Guys i have my CCv routed to the back of the truck not the intake. That would show if you have leaky seals. Pipe air intake to less humid air source. Restriction, or  27 Oct 2018 Hello Seems my 2006 CRD is seeping oil out of the intercooler outlet pipe on the joint with the turbo. Known, I think, for being very reliable. I have an '06 jetta w/ brm engine. is this normal to have this amount? intercooler turbo to ic Seems my 2006 CRD is seeping oil out of the intercooler outlet pipe on the joint with the turbo. If you see smoke that resembles the color of burning oil or if you see oil in the tail pipe, you need to fix the problem. It probably pools in the bottom of the intercooler now, but is only about 2 bars oil in 10k miles - previously was about double that. The PCV cannot handle the extra boost and blows all sorts of junk (oil, gas, water) back into the intake. Thanks guys for the consructive feedback, I know if oil was coming out of the exhaust side of the turbo then the seals may be gone . Check the combustion chamber of the engine. I lifted the hood and now I have noticed that there is oil leaking into the intercooler hose. Sep 18, 2016 · Sorry investigate. matter a fact take them off and examine them out side the truck. also i have white smoke coming out on cold start and if i rev the engine I noticed oil leakage on the intercooler hose at the connector, lower driver side. I installed a catch can (mishimoto baffled) on the intake side and fills up pretty quick. 4 smoking bad and oil leaking from tail pipe - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Coming out of the intercooler we’re running 3. I think it is just oil, but I could be wrong. 9 150, Vauxhall Veftra cdti 150 air intake leak, vauxhall oil leaking from intercooler hose, zafira b cdti intercooler leak, zafira cdti 150 silicone hoses, ebay insignia intercooler pipe sealant, where is intercooler pipe and boost pipe on a zafira cdti sri, vectra 1. Oil in Intake Manifold and Throttle Body Tube I had the intercooler (OEM top-mount) and throttle body out of my 2004 STi (approx. It's probably from the turbo and dripping down the outside of the pipe. Dec 22, 2017 · Looks like my CHRA replacement on the turbo hasn't lasted, noticed some oil on my drive and after having a closer look it seems to be coming out of the erg/throttle body. The other day I put the car up on the hoist at work and found another oil leak. I have a synapse BOV and recently have ALOT of oil coming out of the bov. A small amount of oil in the intercooler is normal, but a lot means that there is a failure. Could I be losing a little bit of boost by this? It could just be in my Nothing good happens. In this video I go over the most common source for oil leaks on the Ford 6. 00 for it. Re: TTS Intercooler leak. Do you see oil dripping from around the turbo anywhere? I still think it is most likely something internal in your engine. In and of itself, leaking oil is not a serious issue. It is orginally just suppose to burn off non-environmentally friendly crank case gases. Some traces of Oil in the pipes but thought that was normal. The oil leak was suspected to be coming from the charge side of the turbo, but I have my doubts. There may be another oil leak that is running down the outside of the intercooler piping and dripping out near the intercooler. Some say it smells like fuel, others oil I fixed one oil leak on the intake using a silicon T piece and another oil leak appears. This seems to have cut down on the oily intake/intercooler. Aug 30, 2012 · Oil weeping from the joints seems pretty common/normal. The intercooler boot appeared to be dry. No evidence of oil leaking from the exhaust side, and shaft had no play. Water entering oil reservoir due to compressor operating in high humidity environment. Jul 05, 2011 · Resulted from a nut on the compressor shaft coming off, getting sucked into the blades, and destroying them. In this case a small filter is fitted to the tube end to catch any droplets of oil while allowing the crankcase pressure to escape. 24 Mar 2008 I just installed a CCV mod and now there is massive oil coming out of the drive the truck at all after the CCV mod / intercooler pipe cleaning. Dec 10, 2019 · from my experience, oil in the intercooler pipes means a blown turbo. 25"x9", Through I/O (Type 55) The cooler for the EGR valve can leak coolant internally, which causes white smoke to come from the tail pipe. if there is oil bath it is normal that we can experience it. Re: Intercooler pipe blew off my Duramax engine The PCV keeps the pressure off of the oil gallery on the heads and allows the oil mist to pass to the intake to the intercooler. Pulled intercooler boots and checked intercooler. The intercooler sits between the turbo and the intake manifold, and its job is to cool the compressed and heated air coming out of the turbo. When I disconnected the hose a small amount of oil ran out. This method completely eliminates the possibility of blow-by being recirculated into the intake. It is normal to have some amount oil in the intake pipe and intercooler. My IC pipes are 99. Jun 21, 2006 · Normal Oil , boost pipes Im hoping its normal , but today i was scooting around the engine bay and noticed the samco coming off my turbo pipe had a little oil coming out , turn's out the clip had came a little lost , i removed it and there was allot of oil around the inside of the samco etc so i refitted it with a bigger jubleee clip is the oil normal? May 18, 2015 · Doing a little maintenance on the gs today and noticed the hot side (turbo to intercooler) pipe has an oily residue where it couples near the oil filter housing. I did not get a great look because it was getting dark. all of that would have soaked the intercooler and eventually worked its way up in to the inlet manifold Jan 30, 2016 · I see the MBRP hot pipe replaces the 90% bend coming out of the turbocharger, so you’ll have to figure out how it comes off. An upgraded intercooler can cool exhaust gas temperature down by as much as 200 degrees. Feb 26, 2008 · my mate had a dump valve fitted and there is oil coming out of the dump valve. This appears to be banana shaped at the bottom with oil leaking out from one end. Have still got a bit of oil blowing out the crankcase and through the turbo as there is residue in the air pipes. It is not easy to visually see a leak from turbo unless one removes compressor wheel and inspects its back side. 1. Went away when drained some oil away. If there is oil in that area then it is typically due to a turbo failure and not an intake issue. 4, 8. I’ll try to post a photo of it. 4L, I bought it tuned with a minimaxx and dpf delete and s&b, I was told(by the seller) it needed an horizontal egr cooler so I decided to just go with a delete kit. I had too too high oil level in mine as well for a time, and it smoked due too that oil was coming out of the oil breather hose and into the meterring plate and in the inlet side of the turbo. It gets into the intercooler and turbo plumbing, but is usually a minimal amount. sorry uou cant see the join but its under the rubber hose running across the pic and is a v dark area. DAVEY tree. The lower silicone boot/hose to the turbo and then connected to the IC outlet pipe has a tendency to "bloat" out (expand) under high boost. 0 powerstroke id chalk it up to being normal. Would this be bearings/seals worn in turbo  16 Apr 2015 How much oil is too much coming from the cold/passenger side of the before the turbo which causes the oil to coat the inside of the IC pipes. I brought up the CCV system and asked if there was excessive oil in the turbo intake tube, and the mechanic gave me the deer in the headlights look. Connects the left side or "cold side" of the intercooler to the pressure pipe For vehicles with BRM engine code with production date up to 05/31/2006 only Brand: Jul 16, 2002 · 9 times out of 10, its because of the infamous turbo bolts falling out, resulting in the turbine housing getting slightly cocked on the cartridge. 9 120 diesel 54 plate. 17 Nov 2014 Air coming from your turbocharger compressor housing is normally at a very high A majority of stock intercooler piping is constructed from steel piping. Dry TIK pipe and oil in I/C means oil is coming from leaking piston seal in turbo compressor. As mentioned, you need to drop the engine and remove the cylinder heads to replace the valve guides. Intercoolers are a common component on supercharged and turbocharged vehicles, as they are needed to cool down the air supplied to your engine. if there is oil in there you should probably do a pcv re-route! Dec 20, 2009 · hey guys im pretty sure this has already been covered on the forums before but i tried doing a search and nothing came up so ill just ask again I have oil coming out of my intercooler piping!!!. 2. The spring bolt clamps are 300 series stainless steel with zinc coated bolts with a 300lb clamping strength. He also took off the intercooler pipes all the way from the turbo to the intercooler. Shop Us now for 2011-2016 Ford Intercooler Outlet Tube. 2000 7. The oil in the intake pipe is normal for our cars pushing more boost. Yes. Take that lower pipe off and clean the crap out of it. What does cause this is a worn turbo (bearings and oil seals) or the PCV system. 100,000 miles 2008 crew cab rode hard put away wet. It also introduces oil vapours to the On my lbz intercooler pipe, there is a slight amount of oil coming out where the clip fastens, and a little lower. But since the exhaust side is dry I dont think its the seals. Causing engine knock and eventually engine failure. Drain tank daily. If there is oil coming out of the intercooler pipe it might suggest that your turbo is on it's way out and dumping oil in the inlet. do u rekon its the oil seal? or maybe something to do with the oil line? i noticed something was wron well I know my rear main isn't leaking I can see absolutely no sign of oil leaking from engine other than what is in coming out of intercooler. well I know my rear main isn't leaking I can see absolutely no sign of oil leaking from engine other than what is in coming out of intercooler. is it meant to have some anyway? thanks again folks:) Milky oil in oil reservoir. Hose coming out of the intercooler to the intake manifold has several large gashes in the hose. I was busy taking out the transmission to replace the clutch. Its just dumping it out of the down pipe. Hoping it is not a oil seal leak on my new turbo I intercooler vectra c 1. The aFe keeps that and just slips in where the OEM metal pipe comes out. Does anybody have the part number of the seal so I can get it ordered. Its blowing oil all over the heat-shield at the back. There is a join from the rubber hose to the plastic hose and this is where oil is coming out. Service unit (change oil, clean or replace air cleaner element, more often, at least every 45 days or 500 operating hours for oil changes. The dealer said it was normal. When I pulled the pipe off of the throttle body oil started pouring out. Quite often this is due to dirty oil ways, not allowing the oil to return to the sump as designed. To save money, I cleaned entire tube in an ultrasonic cleaner, then wrapped the entire hose in gorilla tape, and then self adhering silicon tape with a 50% overlap OVER 18 Sep 2016 I take off the charge pipes from my intercooler and find out that there is oil, more than usual collected all throughout the charge system coming  14 Dec 2017 The oil is getting past the bearing seal and into the cold side housing of the turbo and from there going into the intercooler. 0TDI. the pipe off to change it whilst i was there i cleaned out the intercooler there was about 2-3 eggcups of  31 Mar 2018 In this episode, I check why is there oil in the inter-cooler, I tighten the pipe and I show how to take off the bumper of the Audi A8 2006 3. Silicone Hump Hose included. Would this be bearings/seals worn in turbo or could it be a problem with the pcv system? Probably a job to say without stripping out the turbo! Thanks. I removed the intercooler yesterday to do some engine work and the pipe that runs from the intercooler to the lower left corner of the engine bay (not sure if that is the up-charge pipe) had oil inside of it. Looks like some oil has been leaking out of intercooler pipe where the rubber meets the metal pipe that goes to the turbo. The result is lowered power, and oily exhaust. BUT are absolutely SURE that its the  25 Feb 2017 i took the charge air pipe of the intake valve, and there appears to also be oil leaking down into the intercooler itself, whether the oil is originating  5 words we hear all the time are “My turbo is leaking oil. oil coming out of intercooler pipe

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