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5. This circuit fascinated me when I was just a teenager. SMD part is pre-mounted. The transmitter was constructed on the cover plate of a standard 4"x4" electrical utility box, the plate had a knockout in the center that was perfect for mounting the nine pin tube socket. Circuit is   TRANSMITTER FOR 160-10M: A basic tube type transmitter design with a 6AQ5 VFO: A 6BA6 oscillator driving a 6AQ5 output tube through a 6BA6 buffer. The Ultimate3S QRSS/WSPR Transmitter Kit is the new edition of the third version in the "Ultimate" QRSS/WSPR kit trilogy. Price: $109. Note: A "boat anchor" is what we hams fondly call "vintage tube communication equipment". high performance, all amateur band transmitter of advanced tubes are firmly in place and that controls and used to control the FL-101 transmitter, the VFO. Left up the power input connector. Nope, the Siltronix type 3 won't. From the same scrapped 1930s radio I had a 42 pentode which is a fairly decent tube so I built a one tube transmitter to match the regen in style and since all tubes came from the same radio it seems like a good idea. 8 to 4 MHz and 7. It has a variable output and two fixed outputs. The crystal may be replaced by a parallel tuned circuit for VFO operation. I bought a Heathkit HW-16 at the local ham fest a couple of weeks ago for $30 which works great but I only have one crystal for 7040 kHz so I want to build a simple VFO limited to the lower end of 40 meters. Before finding a suitable VFO, I experimented with driving it with my homebrew "Ugly Weekender" QRP transmitter. 10m DSB QRP transmitter with VFO - a design using NE602 and SBL1 mixers. Each tube can dissipate 30 watts of plate power, 5. Maybe it wouldn't chirp, but clacking relays might prove annoying. The DX-20 is a big step up from the AT-1. At the right, the VFO box again. The rear panel has an SO-239 jack. To avoid damage to the transmitter, do not exceed 15 volts supply voltage. Somerikko The transmitter is grid block keyed and puts about 140 volts on the key at low current, and there's no clamp tube to guard against lack of excitation. e. 5" x 6. I first used it as an improvement over a Heathkit HG-10 VFO with a DX-60 transmitter, and it was remarkably stable even in its tube form. This transmitter has a built in VFO and uses three 6146's in the final amplifier delivering 275 Watts CW - 200 Watts AM (D. When the signal is applied to the grid of V203, and the VFO injection signal is applied to another grid of the tube, the 3,180 KHz difference product is fed from the This is in addition to the standard base features of Z, R, X, L, C measurements up to 60 MHz, a VFO mode, battery operation for field use, a DSP engine with additional programs able to be run, and optional remote control of the instrument for plotting measured values on a PC. The spot switch would be used to spot the oscillator frequency in the receiver, and then turned off so that the electronic switching circuit could be taken advantage of to key not only the tube type transmitter but the oscillator and buffer as well, eliminating any backwave. Far as I recall this is still completely original (I've had it for years and don't remember ever changing anything in it). Since I wanted a VFO-controlled 6 meter rig, I decided to homebrew a companion power supply/ modulator using primarily junk-box parts. To eliminate receiver interference from impulse noise sources D. ) Visitors to THIS PAGE since 7/10/16 :) The transmitter's keying input is opto-isolated and is driven by a TTL-level keyer. Sold Out . Utalizing a 6L6 Tri-tet oscillator circuit feeding a 807 doubler/amplifier. The Knightkit T-60 is a kit-built CW and AM transmitter introduced in 1962-63. ) All exciter stages ganged to VFO tuning. Posting it here is a SWAN 500CX SS-16 Special SSB Transceiver: W/117XC, 508 Remote VFO. 1 mc, and 4. To reduce interference from carriers in the receiver passband C. With many transmitters, the VFO/crystal frequency will be in the 80m band (3. The green cylindrical thing to the left of the 6146 is the plate choke. 00 The combination worked beautifully, but I wanted to use the VFO with a homebrew transmitter, rather than a commercial transmitter. I have (as of Jan2014) an LC meter and can verify the design L value and actual L value. The Johnson Viking II was probably the best HF transmitter for AM and CW ever made. 5 to 4. The operator can selct any of these five channels with a single switch. Output from buffer tube is tuned to the center frequency of the bands that is 4,200 Kc with low Q tuned circuit and VFO output is connected to the pin jack marked 'VFO OUTPUT" on the rear apron of the The RT-1-B is a CW transmitter that covers 3 to 30 MC in five bands, and operates from 115 VAC 50-400 cycle power. SWAN 600T SSB Transmitter W/VOX Unit. There are crystal sockets for both FT-243 type crystals, or the larger type with 3/4" spacing. Receiver Tube Complement: 6EW6 RF Amplifier. Basic VFO Osc Schematics #1 (6AG7) Basic VFO Osc Schematics #2 (6AG7) Parts List for VFO Schematics (6AG7) A One-Tube Two-Band Transmitter for the Novice (6AG7) Page 170; Schematic; Parts List A Single-Tube 75-Watt Novice Transmitter (6146) Page 173; Schematic; Parts List 75 Watts on Four Bands (6AG7 / Parallel 6L6GBs) Page 176; Schematic May 07, 2020 · The HG-3G3 transmitter has 75 watts input to a 6146 on 80-10 meters. The VFO output needs to be between 6 and 6. 811, Class B New Price/Year: $795-$895/1958-1960 Size: 31. 80/40M QRP CW TRANSMITTER (SINGLE TUBE 117N7, SIMILAR TO 1941 DESIGN (WORKING) $14. pdf - 1. pdf - 33. vfo . 6 & 2 Meter Transmitter The Ameco TX-62 is a 6 and 2 meter 75 watt input CW/phone transmitter (50-52, 144-148 MHz). Could be just the way it is though. Basic VFO Osc Schematics #1 (6AG7) Basic VFO Osc Schematics #2 (6AG7) Parts List for VFO Schematics (6AG7) A One-Tube Two-Band Transmitter for the Novice (6AG7) Page 170; Schematic; Parts List A Single-Tube 75-Watt Novice Transmitter (6146) Page 173; Schematic; Parts List 75 Watts on Four Bands (6AG7 / Parallel 6L6GBs) Page 176; Schematic I recently passed my general class license and only know the basics. Globe/Textron and RME/Electrovoice merged in 1962, with the result named GC Electronics, a division of Textron. 50, it was expensive for the time (equivalent to $1,800 in 2019), yet undercut other amateur transmitters having similar features. 5W FM Transmitter · High-Quality AM Transmitter · 27 MHz 4W AM Transmitter Jan 31, 2014 · The original kit sold for $179. Requires crystal or external VFO (not included). Pull the pilot-lamps from their grommets and pull the electrical plug from the rear of the VFO assembly. 3 volts at 2. The power output obtained was 4W. May 22, 2008 · IQ-VFO High-performance, DDS-based, standalone, 0-30 MHz VFO on a bright red 4. I'll probably use a pair of SA612 mixer ICs, one to premix the VFO and crystal oscillator and another as the detector. 28MHz DSB rig from 7K1CPT shows a photo of the completed little rig. The 4-pole miniature plug-in relay is used for the following: 1. I built it as a VFO transmitter so it can be tuned and for 40M. ”2 output from the solid-state VFO to drive the tube rig's circuitry. As the vfo is tuned lower in frequency the transmitter frequency will raise, 4. The Heathkit DX-20 (1956 - 1961) was a favorite Novice operator's first transmitter. Output is about 40 watts on the lower bands. The transmitter final amplifier is based on a tried and true pair of 6146 tubes driven by a 6CL6. Center top: 3. Feb 02, 2019 · The SR-150 was produced by Hallicrafters from 1961 to 1963. WA1FFL. 5 MHz for this rig. Make Offer - Johnson Viking II Ham Radio Transmitter in Working Condition incudes VFO Parts unit Johnson Viking Invader 200 transmitter ham tube radio SSB AM CW $200. All-purpose 0 - 30 MHz DDS VFO and Signal Generator based on the article by WB2V in QEX July, 1997. 0"w x 14. The 4. Dimensions A Type 70E-24 permeability-tuned precision variable frequency oscillator provides the injection voltage to the second mixer V-5. The smaller tube is a 6CL6. This makes transmitter design simple. There is no power switch on the transmitter, so the three way switch on the Heath power supply is used to control AC power. It also made its appearance in several editions of the ARRL Handbook for the early 40's. The oscillator tube is a 6DQ6B. I tried cleaning the panel bushings on the VFO. 0: 1S4 (2) 168: Master Oscillator-Power Amplifier Transmitter: From 1926 NRI Textbook: X: 15. a. A variable frequency oscillator (VFO) in electronics is an oscillator whose frequency can be tuned (i. 9, and 7. Installed by removing the KWM-2 VFO tube and plugging in this adapter in the vacant VFO tube socket. 0: 45, 47: 169: One-Tube Transmitter for 80 and VFO Gives 10 to 25 Watts Output from 10 to 160 Meters; RCA Tube Handbooks Indispensable to Radio Engineers; W6RTO Builds 807 Rig in Virtual Show Window; W3DGP 807 - 813 Rig a Masterpiece of Design and Construction : January, 1942 : Volume 5, Number 2: Volume 5, Number 3 : Volume 5, Number 4: Volume 6, Number 1 (thanks to K5JWK) The power requirements for the transmitter are 9 to 14 volts, at up to 750 mA current. The final tube was a 6146 modulated with push pull 1614's. The transmitter and receiver are VFO controlled. 2 Apr 2011 Figure 1 - Transmitter Front Panel. 40M QRP Transmitter Using a 6CU6 Tube: This is a simple QRP transmitter modeled after a schematic from and OLD ARRL handbook. SWAN 600 Twins: SWAN 600R Receiver W/SS16B Filter. 55-MHz crystal resonating at 5 Experimental QRP Transmitter by I. ;) As of V4. 50mA, more if a backlit display is used. The Lew McCoy Memorial 80/40M Novice Transmitter By David W. T/R switching is accomplished by a  28 May 2020 In my particular case I am using a Drake 1-A receiver with a 4. Final Tube(s): 2x 6146 parallel The VFO circuit consists of a 6AU6 tube operating as a Clapp oscillator in the frequency ranges of 1750 to 2000 kc, 7000 to 7425 kc and 6740 to 6807. A Mighty Simple Shortwave Transmitter. We always ship orders as quickly as possible, usually within a maximum of 1-2 weeks. Dec 13, 2019 · Got a request for this board, and realized we never got around to showing how it's installed in a Siltronix VFO on our web site. We replaced C48, but still no grid reading, no Hybrid HF Transmitter This single-band design mixes solid state circuitry with vacuum tube final amplifiers. Capacitor C40 should be adjusted so that the desired (upper) sidetone is heard in the receiver while transmitting. a vacuum tube QRP transmitter! If you have worked mine (which is set up for 4-watts out), you know how nice it sounds and you may be tempted to build one. It had a built-in power supply and VFO, and weighed 100 pounds. 270 MHz for channel 1. It was a 65 Watt input AM / 75 watt input CW Rig. Initial tests indicated the HA-5 works well on 80m and 40m but it doesn't seem to The transmitter has 5 channels. My previous mainframe was too small so I made this one extra large to eliminate crowding. This tube is a low Mu triode. 6 mc. Eliminates all chirp in TX signal. Tim N3QE 2. Two Tube 813 Transmitter by ranickel. Note 7360 tube & 9 MHz crystal filter The Globe emblem first appeared on products made by World Radio Labs with the 1948 model Globe Champion transmitter. Circuit is based on 1950's novice transmitter, as described in a Finnish book "Uusi radiokirja" by Osmo A. A very compact design, it replaced the T-50. Oct 20, 2010 · VFO and Driver Amp for 807 Transmitter. 6 mc and 7. Output started as a 6146 and then grew to 4x811A's in parallel. Even though the VFO contains a voltage regulator tube, this chirp is a common problem. Its use will require rewiring the socket and changing the cathode resistor (R 45) to a 1800 ohm 10 watt wire wound resistor and upping the voltage rating of C 99 to 100 volts minimum. I will hand over this tx with the request to make the contacts and antenna tune up. This is what the type "3" Siltronix VFO provides. Suffer only two real flaws. 5 MHz CW transmitter using EL84 and EL86 tubes. +300. 97 In the first transmitter there was problem due to the tank- which is a very vital element of this transmitter. Then, moving the VFO in 500 KHz increments, adjust the frequency using the "VFO Corrector Adjustment Screws" per the Tusa Consulting note on VFO Recalibration. These include my beloved Heathkit DX-40, Hallicrafters HT-40 and even my homebrew 6AG7/6L6 simply by plugging in the VFO output cable into the transmitter crystal socket. 0"h x 22. The Heathkit SB100 was When using a vacuum tube rectifier in a transmitter with widely varying load currents, a choke input filter with proper rating choke will be the superior system. My unit has now been "re-capped" and is in excellent working condition. The package works nicely and is in good condition. New Price/Year: $209. Double-check that the polarity of the supply before applying power – the When I got my licence I rebuilt the transmitter with a screened VFO in a separate aluminium box, and an aluminium front panel, this worked really well and was completely stable. This tuned circuit should be of a fairly high "Q" and mechanically ridgid to make the oscillator stable and to prevent drift, especially when keyed. 807 p-p. 2. P. Here is a simple circuit I played with using an XR2206 function generator IC as a VFO that could be used with a homebrew transmitter. Although I have found the VF-1, when properly constructed, or when properly restored to be at least as stable as other VFOs, and that it will key very well if necessary, there are two other A simple 2-tube QRP transceiver. HG-10B transmitter pdf manual download. MT-100: multi-tester; Ad: APR 47 QST; price $19. 6HF8 1st audio and audio output. Pitot Tubes · »»» Fume Hood Monitors · »»» Carbon Dioxide Transmitters · »»» Carbon Air Velocity Transmitter · »»» Vaneometers · »»» Windmeters. Contained in the rig was some very clever circuitry with a 5. 50 kit/$259. 700 amateur radio topics - 6,000 links & 133 pages - from antennas to zones. (DDS) VFO with a vintage tube-type transmitter. Click! Shop order from $ 33 Nov 28, 2016 · The reason for this is to use it with the older tube-type "un-convertible" 23-channel tube-type transmitters. The keying circuit must handle these same voltages and currents. Transmitter Interior - top The larger tube is a 6146. The modulator used an ECC83 which had a high gain, I seem to remember using an ECC82 which had a lower gain, but same valve pin configueration. In January of 2017, after using my 2-NT transmitter "rock-bound" for about seven months, I finally verified operation of the Hallicrafters HA-5 VFO I had purchased at the Hamvention 2016 for use with the 2-NT and I constructed the necessary interface cables. A phone and CW transmitter on the 10 through 160 meter amateu r bands, the "Ranger" may also be used as a flexible exciter without modification. The T-4X includes its own VFO for even greater flexibility. 4 photos. Also available are several options and accessories, like a buffer amplifier for driving mixers and vintage tube transmitters. Power Input). I may add a small trimmer of 10 pF or so in parallel for fine tuning. You are *required* to use the date. It has about 35 watts output instead of struggling to make 12 watts. 5 x 9. 6 MHz range. \$\endgroup\$ – McMurdo Mar 7 '19 at 2:03 \$\begingroup\$ You said the antenna was a full wave wire. Once transistorized, you get an incredibly stable VFO for the home station that covers a wide range, complete with receiver and transmitter offset pots on the front panel. with auxiliary SSB exciter. 00: Add (PUB) EICO-720/K: Eico 720 Transmitter Kit Assembly Steps: 20. Typically, power would be drawn from the transmitter. Provision is made for external frequency - shift keying. Bottom left: A separate high voltage power supply for the VFO. This output level is higher than many vintage VFO's and has demonstrated that it will easily drive most vintage tube transmitters I've tested with it. Lettine 240 Ham Transmitter . If your personal history includes building tube-type gear somewhere in the 50’s or 60’s, all you will likely need is a copy of the QST PDF download and a soldering iron! If you came into Don't bother with those tiny little HC-18/U and HC-25/U crystals (the kind used in CB radios, scanners, and so on). tube QRP Transmitter for 40 and 80M. 5" long x 12. DDS VFO - Build a PIC controlled DDS VFO, 0 to 6 MHz. C. You could still order crystals in FT-243 holders then. 6-4. Price in first year of sale: 149. Power output specs The RF output tube for the Clegg Thor is a 6883, a 12 volt version of the 6146. The transmitter has 5 channels. To home page FREQUENCY METER TRANSMITTER VFO RECEIVER FREQUENCY METER + VFO ZERO BEAT BFO OFF I0A TRANSMITTER XTAL OSCILLATOR TRANSMITTER VFO RECEIVER XTAL OSCILLATOR + BFO ZERO BEAT VFO + BFO ZERO BEAT 10 B If a crystal calibrator is used for cal- ibration, be sure you know which marker is the proper frequency. The transmitter input power is 150 watts pep ssb and 125 watts cw. 25 amps, and has a Cin/Cgp/Cout of 24/0. transmission turn transmitter off and place VFO Calibrate switch in OFF position. The DX-40 front panel is clean. 3, this thing puts out 55 watts carrier, PLL controlled! (That's up from 12 watts w/analog VFO, when I started this whole kooky project. Ishmael - WA6VVL 2222 Sycamore Avenue Tustin CA 92780 (714) 573-0901 daveishmael@cox. This frequency is mixed with the variable IF in V-5 to produce the fixed 455 KC difference frequency which is the frequency of the fixed IF amplifier. output from pin 6 is followed by a emitter follower. 9MHz generator based on the SI5351. Experimental QRP Transmitter by I. Transmitter Tube Complement: 6CL6 Crystal Oscillator. Designed for the 80 to 6 meter ham bands, the T-60 uses a 6DQ6B final RF tube. to key the transmitter as done in the original PTT circuit. Click on the pic for enlarging. Oscillating frequency Of VFO covers 600 Kc from 4,900 Kc to 5,500 Kc lineally for all bands. It had a built-in VFO and Power Supply and weighed 45 lbs. 3 MHz. I tried resistor loading the VFO output to further buffer the VFO, I tried adding voltage regulation to the plate supply of the VFO tube, I even added an additional buffer circuit, and added extra RF bypassing. 3x MHz. Both the plate choke and the tank coil were rewound for operation on 1710 kHz. is downward. The concept of of the 3-tube final amplifier with negative feedback was indeed revolutionary for the amateur market, however tube type transceiver were on their way out by the mid 1980s and eventually the FT-102 was discontinued. Since it's only a two tube rf stage and the VFO outputs at 160 for 80 meter operation (going from memory here) I recall a substantial amount of 160 meters to the antenna when operating on 80. meters, transmitter receiver combination; internal transmitter VFO; 2E26 final amplifier; 20 watts AM; 7 tube receiver section; 1 uV sensitivity; AC/DC operation. So we didn't just reissue the original--we decided to create an upgrade. Plugging the output of my amplified DDS VFO into the crystal input of the 6CL6 transmitter (via a 1:4 transmission line transformer) worked well at driving the 6146B amplifier , but it was a compromise. Included is the cable made to connect the VFO output and transmitter xtal socket. The VFO-PTO output is routed to the first Multiplier that increases the frequency for the various tuning ranges of the transmitter. pdf Pre-war Vacuum Tube Transmitter Development 91914-1917) [website capture] . Can anyone help with a schematic of a suitable vfo for this rig. The D model used a solid state balanced modulator where most of the C models still used a tube for this function. 399B-4 Novice Adapter. Hi, I’m wanting to build a VFO to run an old Drake 2 NT xtal controlled transmitter. The circuit in figure 1 is a crystal controlled CW transmitter with at least 5 watts of power. The article here this month will be published shortly in Electric Radio and details his home brew project. 11-MHz output with a 3. E. The Last circuit was added on Thursday, November 28, 2019. You may notice a slight flicker from one or other of the LED's when pushing the step switch, that is the 4017 reverting to reset mode. A small single tube RF amplifier for the " receive" section is sitting on top of the BC-221. 7/10 pf respectively. Maybe its the glow of the tubes or the heat they produce. Sporting three 6146 in the final amplifier stage can have its advantages over that of transistors. Nov 06, 2014 · The under view of the transmitter. Amateur (14 pages) Transmitter Heathkit Heathkit VHF-1 Operation Manual. It started at 483Khz with a phasing system followed by two half lattice crystal filter sections. Then use the VFO tube in the adapter. Ham Radio, Transmitters, and other projects that you may have built or want to build. "William Mutch" wrote in message ell. I’m interested in what you have built here. The AM-only transmitter is different, whether it's a S-23, 23S9, Golden Eagle or Mark II. However, some interfacing is required. $400. The keying circuit is a solid-state design that features waveshaping for a click-free signal. Aug 16, 2014 · Evaluating at 3. In my situation it is more convenient to run it this way. The R-4 provides injection frequencies for the T-4 Reciter and T-4X transmitter so that the need for crystals is eliminated, and for the convenience of using the R-4's VFO for transmitting at a particular frequency. Bottom view of the main VFO unit. Upgrade your HG-10(B) VFO display. Both of these were  (DDS) VFO with a vintage tube-type transmitter. A simple QRP transceiver with full QSK for the CW sub-band of 40m. (The prototype generated 7 ½ watts) This circuit was built on a Radio Shack universal board (276-168B) and worked extremely well the first time on the air. The receiver is VFO controlled, while the transmitter requires either a separate VFO (like the VF-1 or HG-10), or individual crystals for the desired frequencies of operation. 5 kc. Just build a VFO straight for 10MHz, or double up from 5MHz (lots of 5MHz VFO plans in all the handbooks) or triple up from 3. About Finding the problem was a fairly difficult job. Setting the switch to the "VFO" position converts the 6AG7 oscillator into a buffer stage. internal oscillator is used between pin 6 and pin 7. PHONE OPERATION, 2-21. The Heathkit keying modifications provide a better ground for the cathode of the VFO tube, helping even on phone. Lack of voltage regulation and heating of the circuits (especially with tube type vfo's) frequently resulted in a chirpy signal especially if one were keying a VFO for CW operation. 5" circuit board with quadrature signal outputs - two signals are produced with a phase difference that is exactly 90-degrees and remains constant regardless of the frequency. The transmitter knobs upper row (left to right) are Band Selector (optional), and Microphone Level; knobs lower row (left to right) are Load The front plastic is new. There was also a need to convert the classic push-to-talk to independent on/off momentary transmitter activation, without overriding the existing overcurrent protection relays. To enhance the reception of a specific frequency on a crowded band The oscillator will only oscillate at the FUNDAMENTAL frequency of the crystal which limits this transmitter to the HF bands. The 12B4 is a superior tube for audio driver service. But this is a starter station. 11 MHz with our circuit simulator a widely-duplicated such circuit—the single-tube tri-tet-oscillator transmitter in George Grammer, W1DF, "A One-Tube Crystal-Control Transmitter," QST, March 1934, pages 8–12 and 88—we find that its cathode tank, for 7. 2 mc brings us to the top edge of the band. Looking for an old, out-of-print EICO manual? You've come to the right place. The frequency range of the VFO is 1955KC to 2955KC. KNIGHT V44 VFO Complete Primo Tube Set 6X4-6BH6-6AK6 New Listing TRAM D201A Complete. The Tube V1B (1/2 6U8A) is an untuned crystal oscillator designed for standard. 00: Add Eico 753 80-20 Xcvr SS/Tube VFO: 20. Vintage transmitters like the Johnson Adventurer or the Knight kit 50 watt (commonly called the T50) are pretty straightforward but you really need to use a VFO (variable frequency oscillator) with them now to have a good chance of making a number of contacts because being limited to a few crystals isn't going to work out with the reduced level High Stability VFO for 160 and 80 Meters 'Breadboard' This high stability VFO was designed for use with a digital-drive Class D 160 and 80 meter AM Transmitter described some time ago. As a novice, I started by building an Ameco AC-1 transmitter. Run the VFO from a separate DC and filament power supply to avoid problems with chirp and allow the VFO to warm up separately from the transmitter to avoid drift. By the time you add multi-band capability, a VFO, power supplies and single-sideband capability, even a large box may be too small. The relatively low price and easy assembly of the DX-20 made it a popular CW transmitter in its day for newly licensed "Novice" class hams on a budget. 7Mhz. In this particular application, the transmitter is a Hammarlund HX-50. 55, 5. Pictures schematics and other information on electronic kits like Heathkit - EICO - Allied Radio and others. The VF-1 is OK but they are known to be drifty and chirpy so I'm thinking about using my QRP Labs VFO with the DX-40. · 88 MHz - 108 MHz X-tal controlled 1W FM Transmitter · 30m CW Transmitter · 80m CW VFO Transmitter · VLF 15W Transmitter · 9 MHz SSB Modulator · 88 MHz - 108 MHz 0. The cabinet looks good. I recently worked on a two tube, single 6L6GC final class A transmitter and I think it had better range than this one. Radiomasters - (My Radio Engineering Consulting Service) BoomerRadio. It uses _B-minus_ keying, which is why the “cathode” connection keyed by the relay sits at 700 V — the power supply’s no-load voltage. Mix, as "A Simple Two-Tube Exciter". (N2EY). HF construction methods – building your own circuit boards Back in the vacuum tube days we built hand-wired HF transmitters. 0) It has PTT, Amplified Automatic Level Control, Mechanical/Temperature Compensated VFO, Solid State Modulator with 9 Mhz, 6-Pole Filter, 70-100W PEP Output on All Bands, Mechanical Dial Calibrator, Keyed RF Carrier for CW The VFO is stable after warm-up of about 30 minutes. It is a necessary component in any tunable radio receiver or transmitter that works by the superheterodyne principle, and controls the frequency to which the apparatus is tuned. D-lab Electronics 9,264 views. We have started importing your albums. L. 11. There are no dents on either item. The red cylindrical thing below the plate choke is the output tank coil. TRAM D201A Complete Primo Tube Set 6DG6 - All Receiver + Transmitter Tubes. The VFO came without tubes and had both the power cord and the coax  The Transceiver also has provisions for an external VFO. The HT-40 did essentially the same thing but it has a front panel switch for VFO or Crystal control to reconfigure the triode drive circuit. The Hart-65 does not use cathode keying. An external VFO can be used. Importing your Facebook albums. It was the successor to the famous AT-1, the first Heathkit ham transmitter. 809 RF Power Amplifier with 2A5 Exciter - AB0CW, Mark Dittmar shows us how he built this 80m CW transmitter. Entirely programmed in Arduino C code, OpenVFD . 5" tall x 14" deep and it weighs about 100 LBs. Oct 25, 2017 · One thought on “ 1967 Hart-65 One-Tube Transmitter ” David Newkirk, W9BRD May 28, 2019 at 1:47 pm. — at key up. Frequency control is via a single crystal, or an external VFO through an SO-239 connector. After doing a visual inspection of the transmitter, replacing the line fuse with the correct value and taking care of a few other minor issues, I Welcome to our first auction of the New Year, here are some highlights! Included are a Ten-Tec Orion II Model 566 and a Ten-Tec Eagle transceiver, Kenwood transceivers including the 450S and 690S. DB4020 Dual-band 40 and 20M QRP SSB Transceiver Ki Now that we have a working receiver and VFO, its time to build the transmitter and the TR switching circuit. The Collins KW-1 amateur transmitter is a vfo-controlled, bandswitching, gang-tuned, high-power am and cw transmitter. To home page HT-46 9 tube Transmitter/Exciter. This is Millen's very first HF transmitter. Several contacts were made on the air with good signal and audio reports. Hallicrafters HA-5 VFO which, with its 6AQ5 output tube could drive the transmitter better than other VFO types, AM contacts were regularly made from 80 through 10 meters. Tsapiv (UB5DT): This simple two-stage telegraph transmitter has been developed for a QRP experiments on the amateur HF bands. It has a close resembleance to the one in the 1976 Handbook (except that it uses an electron coupled 12BY7 instead of a 6DK7) and was built by a fine craftsman who did a first rate job on it. Mar 25, 2018 · I picked up a Heathkit DX-40 with a VF-1 VFO at a hamfest yesterday. pdf. 6EA8 Heterodyne mixer-oscillator. The RME-6900 is a ham-band receiver covering 80-10 meters and WWY on all modes. This is the story of my quest to build an all-tube VFO for 26. 55 MHz four pole crystal Filter and a VFO that tuned in the 1. It takes time to process all the photos. 5 x 6 inches 18. 54 KB Texas Instruments TTL Databook - 1976. Oct 11, 2015 · The 6L6 Transmitter I am to build is that of CW (Continuous Wave) type. It covers You can use the original Viking 122 VFO or a modern synthesized digital VFO for wider frequency coverage. 28. RF unit small enough to place on your operating desk beside receiver--power supply/modulator unit may be placed in any convenient location. Jan 12, 2019 · How to repair Johnson Ranger 2 Ham AM CW tube transmitter VFO D-lab - Duration: 23:30. Side view with the four tubes of the seperate VFO parts. The crystal controls the frequency of oscillation - 3510kc covering the 160 - 80 - 40 - 20 - 15 - 10 Meter Bands. Construction. The output of DDS VFOs tends to be relatively low because of the very low operating volt-ages of the chips themselves (1. 0 MHz. ~Just to   I first used it as an improvement over a Heathkit HG-10 VFO with a DX-60 transmitter, and it was remarkably stable even in its tube form. The power supply should be fused at 1. It utilizes nine tubes and will transmit SSB or CW on 80,40,20,15 and 10 meters(28. There were a few aftermarket replacement/repair scales, but we found that none of them performed like the original. The VF-1 originally used a OA2 VR tube. To   The model FLdx400/500 SSB Transmitter is a precision built, compact, high performance supply for VFO, sideband oscillators are stabilized by a 6BM8 tube. 2-20. My CW transmitter VFO ranges from 3. Built for perhaps nine years: 1954 through 1963 the EF Johnson Viking Adventurer transmitter There is nothing more satisfying about this hobby than building your own transmitter. Aug 25, 2014 · If you were to buy parts individually for this project, you would have paid about $50 for a single transmitter – why not spend $50 more and have enough parts for 10? Good if something breaks!) I started with the VFO/driver, using a 3 X 5 copper clad board and “dead bug” construction style. The coils, variable capacitors, transformer, choke, tubes, switches (except as noted above) are original. Weight: 275 lbs: Transmitter Sections Oct 08, 2019 · Thanks for the reply. 6CL6 Driver. Progressing. I have those manuals going back to 1950 and the older projects are much more interesting to me. 77 MB The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy. Now let's have a look at a simple transmitter using a VFO (variable frequency oscillator) to   become obsolete, the AT-1 can be operated with crystal or VFO control and used The transmitter incorporates tried and proven tube types and circuitry, careful  the carrier frequency of the transmitter output stage, not the VFO output. As a Set $650 Plus Shipping. timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. When used as a transceiver a small slide switch is mounted A simple slide switch was used to switch the output/input of the BC-221 and to switch the antenna from transmit to receive. DL2YEO Hello! Welcome to the DL2YEO homepage. To enhance the reception of a specific frequency on a crowded band 10m DSB transmitter - note that one of the diodes in the mixer of this design is the wrong way around. This adapter replaces the VFO section but the main Band Crystals for the 200 Kc segments are still required. Heathkit Model VF-1 VFO for Vintage Transmitters - Good The Eico 722 hasn't arrived yet, but a review of the schematic indicates it is cathode keyed. 23:30. The shield box with the clip-on cover was cannibalized from the enclosure of the handy ARC-5 aircraft receiver, which was a common item in the military surplus market. This alignment is explained in transmitter alignment section. k. Find great deals on eBay for hallicrafters transmitter and hallicrafters transceiver. , varied) over some range. This alignment should be carefully done as other frequencies can appear at output, VFO, etc. Somerikko FREQUENCY METER TRANSMITTER VFO RECEIVER FREQUENCY METER + VFO ZERO BEAT BFO OFF I0A TRANSMITTER XTAL OSCILLATOR TRANSMITTER VFO RECEIVER XTAL OSCILLATOR + BFO ZERO BEAT VFO + BFO ZERO BEAT 10 B If a crystal calibrator is used for cal- ibration, be sure you know which marker is the proper frequency. com. 16: The ZL2PD si5351a VFO, GPS frequency reference, Li-Ion battery my compact digital SWR meter for QRP (low power) transceivers and transmitters. 5MHz) for 80m, and it will be in the 40m band (7MHz) for all other bands. 5 amperes. I've used this IC as an audio generator in the past but never as an RF generator. Please note some adblockers will suppress the schematics as well as the advertisement so please disable if the schematic list is empty. I will need some kind of amp to bump up the output to 4v ptp, manual calls for 12v on 15 meter band for some reason. It was frequently paired with the PMR-8 mobile receiver. Only 1 surface mount part, 20 Pin TSSOP (AD9834) Solder it yourself, it's easier than you think. pdf The Ameco TX-62 is a crystal controlled 2 and 6 meter transmitter with 75 watts on CW and AM. The main VFO unit may be placed in the trunk or other available space. Better VFO stability, I spent hours on this and found that replacing the grid resistor in the VFO with a 2W dissipation one , and loosening the coupling from tube to tuned cct really improved the VFO stability, which wasn't great. While this does work, in some if not all cases, the signal would have a chirp, i. 75 to 9 MHz. Below 6. Any ideas to what is going on?I found the sold wire originally on S4-1 had a diode installed cathode going to CW clarifier terminal. shortwave) transmitters designed, which makes it an interesting project for both novices and hobbyists learning about RF fundamentals. There are 2777 circuit schematics available. Superb selectivity, sensitivity and stability. My receiver VFO tunes from 5. "Zero" your dial at this frequency by moving the black line on the clear plastic to overlay the "0" on the dial (there's a screw a few inches below the VFO knob that let's you do this). 1 to 7. If I were to key the VFO, I would need a relay to also key the transmitter(s), to avoid frying the PA tube. Includes photocopy of the Owner's Manual. The software - 2017_DDS_VFO_V1-1c. The actual design is known as a Electron Coupled Oscillator or ECO. This simple yet useful si5351a and Arduino based digital VFO is a great addition to KN-Q7A and other single conversion SSB radio. They aren't designed for the kinds of voltages that this transmitter will present to them. 6AG7 as driver etc. In 1960, the Globe line was sold to Textron. A CW transmitter conveys intelligence in the form of Morse Code dots and dashes by turning on and off the transmitter. With QSK T/R switching and a DDS VFO, operation of this transmitter is quite easy. Output will be over 1 watt on 160 and 40 meters. It includes a small vibrator pack, the 6CB6 oscillator tube and a pair of voltage-regulator tubes. Mar 26, 2019 · Hi I am building the above transmitter, and as it is rock bound I may wish to build a VFO to go with it, a tube vfo of course. Jul 13, 2020 · (VFO) (6146) Ranger I AM xmtr: 160-10: 54-61 (VFO) (6146) Ranger II AM xmtr : 160-6: 61-65 (VFO) (6146) Valiant I AM xmtr : 160-10: 56-62 (VFO) (three 6146) Valiant II AM xmtr : 160-10: 62-65 (VFO) (three 6146) Viking Mobile AM xmtr: 80-10 52-58 (xtal) (807) Viking 500 AM transmitter : AM xmtr: 80-10: 56-63 (VFO) (4-250A or 4-400A) 6N2 CW Jun 10, 2017 · What I found was the clarifier still slides on the VFO transmit. 4 are preset and one is set by a VFO. Looking for an old, out-of-print Knight-Kit manual? You've come to the right place. 6 mc gives a transmitting signal of 7. 0 to 5. handbook VFO projects have various frequencies ranging from 1. Based on a transmitter published in QST November 1940 by Don H. 0: 6146: 167: Cigar Box Transmitter: From 1955 Practical Wireless: X: 15. 6EA8 VFO mixer-oscillator. Otherwise, There's also the W2EWP VFO, if you have a junker ARC-5 transmitter to hack up. This was a $160 radio (1960's) that worked 80 and 40 Meter SSB over two ranges: 3. Supports IF+VFO, IF-VFO, and VFO-IF radios. The add-on was a simple one-tube short-wave transmitter leveraging the same power supply already available in the receiver. 95. Checking the RF output of the driver tube showed that it was producing RF at the same correct frequency as receive . The 428A-1 Power Supply provides filament power and filtered dc voltage to the plates and screens of the 4X250B Power Amplifier tubes. TRANSMITTER FOR 160-10M: A basic tube type transmitter design with a 6AQ5 buffer amplifier driving a 6Y6 final amplifier. Expands the frequency coverage of many radios. It can produce QRSS, Hell, WSPR, Opera and PI4 slow-signal modes anywhere from 2200m to 2m and even 222MHz bands. Each frequency band has it’s own VFO part, so also it’s own tube. A Simple VFO for 80 and 160 Meters 2 Band VFO built by WA1SSJ. 6 MHz came to an end when many of us were attracted to the newly affordable SSB rigs. Looks decent, works fine. RF: Jul 13, 2015: 0: DDS based Signal Generator that runs from 1Hz to 60MHz in 1Hz steps: RF: Jul 13, 2015: 0: DIY Dual Directional Coupler, 5 - 1000 MHz, 20 dB: RF: Jul 03, 2016: 1: A universal VCO Board using a MC100EL1648DG and a PGA-103+ as Testing Motrons Transmitter Fingerprinter. Wiio and Unto V. And also moved the Yellow White wire going to the chassis side to S4-2. 0 mc to get 11. Transmitter: Power output: 65W PEP, 65W CW into 50 Ω Carrier suppression: -60 dBc Unwanted-sideband suppression: -55 dBc Spurious signals: Better than -50 dBc 3rd-order intermodulation products: -37 dBc (43 dB below 2-tone PEP) at 65W PEP output: Top view of chassis, with VFO on left and PA cage on right. I did not restore the knobs on the VFO, as I did on the 723. applies low voltage B+ to screens of the modulator tubes, clamp tube screen and drive control pot. DIRECTIONFINDER RECEIVER SCR 269. ARDU-5351 VFO 50kHz to 99. I replaced it with an OB2 (105V) and selected an appropriate limiting resistor. Both the VFO's were designed to be powered off of the transmitter it was intended to be used with. Then I moved up to a Knight Kit T-60. Priced at $189. applies screen voltage to the final amp tube or grounds screen during standby. The innovative one LED frequency display is amazingly easy to count and read the operating frequency. How many parts does it take to make RF? Seven if you're the Michigan Mighty Mite! The Michigan Mighty is the name given to one of the most simple HF (a. 6EW6 IF amplifier. edu At last spring AWA meet I picked up a homebrew novice transmitter of unknown provanence. As a transmitter, the "Ranger" is a rugged and compact 75 Transmitter Audio Bandwidth Settings for High Fidelity eSSB The following chart is a reference for those who need to set up their transmitter audio bandwidth to accomidate eSSB (Extended Single Sideband) for high-fidelity transmissions, or to at least give the transmitter a chance to sound the best it can. It had the classic maroon and gray Johnson colors. Designed as a complete transmitter for mobile or fixed installations, or an exciter to drive a higher power transmitter. Changing a single cap in the VFO circuit can counteract the drift, or at least it did on my rig. The stability, precision, and software flexibility of DDS VFOs make these devices an attractive option to keep vintage gear on the air. 5 lbs. 5 MHz. The final is a 6DQ5 tube The Heathkit DX-20 50 watt CW transmitter was designed around a final amplifier tube originally intended for service as a horizontal sweep amplifier in television receivers. Less on 6". The valve line up is conventional: EF80 VFO + OA2 regulator, EF80 buffer and a PL81 RF power amplifier. from this Dec 25, 2010 · Seems the transmitter crystal oscillator could accept a VFO signal and then behave as an intermediate amplifier with a tuned plate circuit. Two watts on 80 meters in daylight in August doesn't spell a lot of random QSOs. It supports a 16x2 line LCD display showing the operating frequency, band and step size. Includes on-air 40 meter tests & power output A copy from an old italian magazine of amatorial electronics, proposing an add-on for tube receivers. Kitbuilders will do it for $10; Requires 9 to 15 volt DC supply, approx. 95 USD: Mentioned in: QST (April 1965 page 143) Literature/Schematics (1) Tube Type Transmitters (2nd edition page 9) Amateur vfo radio transmitter (46 pages) Transmitter Heathkit AT-1 Assembly And Operation Manual. Mar 24, 2016 · Eventually I sold the HW-16, and the VFO with it. The only problem that has not yet been resolved is the stability in the VFO, which tends to jump frequency a bit from time to time even after a 20 minute Although this is a VFO transmitter, adjusting the frequency to a value closer than a few kHz is challenging, even monitoring in a receiver, due to backlash and hand capacity. Was this article Knightkit T-60 transmitter. This VFO will not work with the Eico 720 transmitter on 80 meters. Driving the HT-40 tube-type transmitter I have an old Hallicrafters HT-40 novice transmitter. This 9 pin SIL ic is originally used in the front end of FM radio, so widely available and can do almost all the work of hard to find IC NE602, NE612 etc. 2-Tube Transmitter for 80 meters: No schematic, but I believe you can figure it all out from the close-up photos of the parts: x: 15. VFO: Yes Power Supply: Separate Internal Section Final Tube(s): 4-250A (4-400A/6156) Modulator: 2ea. This very nice little transmitter has a built-in VFO, and is built mostly from junked TV set parts. Watch. It uses two valves, a 6AQ5 pentode, and a 12AX7 double triode. FREE TV! Jan 10, 2014 · A look at a really ugly homebrew Ameco AC-1 (near) clone CW transmitter built using a single 5763 beam power tetrode & external power supply. Here is a working DX-40 Transmitter and matching VF-1 VFO. A typical power oscillator (PO) minimalist single tube transmitter of reasonably good compromise between complexity, cleanliness, repeatability, and reliability  The Knight-Kit V44 VFO (Variable Frequency Oscillator) was a kit sold by The output on any band is more than enough to excite the oscillator stage of any transmitter. Once transistorized, you  A separate high voltage power supply for the VFO. Thanks in advance Peter G0JJI Part of the transmit / receive switching included receiver mute, antenna transfer, VFO activation, and sequencing to ensure switching without hot RF. Drive Vacuum-Tube Transmitters. Enjoy it for what it is. 12AX7 Product detector-oscillator. 5 watts of screen power, filament voltage of 6. Count the improvements. net I built this 80-meter band CW transmitter in 1987. ecc82 (12au7) 12v vfo Now that I de-freezed, on to work: Found a nice article on a 12AU7(ECC82) vfo here , decided to try out the circuit using less lethal voltages (I had my fair share of electric shocks if you know what I mean). It covered the entire broadcast band with the twist of the 10k pot. power plug TUBE AND DIODE COMPLEMENT 12AU7 Carrier Oscillator 6AH6 9 MC Amplifier 6CX8 III Mixer & Hetrodyne Oscillator 6AU6 VFO 12AT7 1st Audio & Relay Amplifier 12AT7 2nd Audio 1 VOX Amplifier 6U0 3rd Audio & AT Amplifier 6AH6 2nd Mixer I78r7 RF Driver 61^6 RF Power Amplifier (2 Warning: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. I recently passed my general class license and only know the basics. 6GE5 Final. Time Bandit 2a3 - Plans for a homebrew tube audio amplifier using a 2A3, amateur 6B4 or similar triodes. The BC-653's dimensions are 25. - SW1 is the "XTAL / VFO" switch. I chose a 330 pf mica cap as the value for "C". The Mark III SSB transmitter (the full-size one NOT the half-size MkIII AM-only)needs 16. Input power to the final stage is Transmitter Tube Complement, 6CL6 Crystal Oscillator. To restrict the transmitter voice bandwidth B. THE MULTI-ELMAC AF-67 Trans-Citer is a ten-tube variable frequency or crystal controlled seven band transmitter or exciter. pdf Limited Space Antennas. 20 Assorted RF circuits The transmitter did not come with a VFO so I used a Heathkit VF-1 VFO that I normally used to drive a Heathkit DX60B transmitter. VFO from 2001 ARRL Handbook, page 17. The factory grid block keying modifications can improve stability on CW and PHONE in addition to removing completely any key clicks on CW, the primary reason to perform the mods. I have read that the HG-10 was more prone to chirp when it is powered from the transmitter. Perhaps one of the finest tube-style communications receivers ever built by the R. Remove the VFO shield-can {5, Phillips-head screws} and clean the gummy grease from the wiper on the tuning-capacitor's rotor shaft with solvent. The HW-16 is a tube radio with separate sensitive / selective receiver and rugged transmitter sharing same robust power supply. 50 wired/1949 -52 6 Mar 2016 Re-purposing some hardware and code from my DDS VFO project, I've been working on on a digitally controlled CW transmitter based around  Pitot Tubes · »»» Fume Hood Monitors · »»» Carbon Dioxide Transmitters · »»» Carbon Air Velocity Transmitter · »»» Vaneometers · »»» Windmeters. Construction efforts below were assisted by advice and commentary by G4OEP, K3IMW, K7HKL and VK6JY. RF output into an MFJ dummy load via a digital wattmeter shows about 28-watts. Nov 28, 2016 · The reason for this is to use it with the older tube-type "un-convertible" 23-channel tube-type transmitters. The 15-tube design could transmit either CW or AM (voice) with 100 to 140 watts output on all seven short wave amateur bands. Any of the ARRL handbook "novice transmitter" circuits, spanning several decades from the 40's to the early 70's, showing a 6L6 or 807 or sweep tube final, ought to be useful. (3 tubes). It does have a solid state VFO and a few silicon diodes in the circuitry but 99% of the radio is "hollow"state. This is an upgrade for the Heathkit HG-10 and HG-10B VFO backlit scale, part number 464-19. 00: Add (PUB) EICO-753 Here's a nice, vintage Hallicrafters HA-5 VFO unit. The transmitter is best located on a shelf due to the position of the VFO tuning control. The VFO+mixer scheme is great for a multi-band SSB xcvr but the complexity really isn't needed in a CW transmitter. Amateur Radio and Electronic Kits, Transmitters, Receivers, Modules  Fred Nachbaur's tube-based low power AM transmitters. The VFO does not have a built-in power supply. The message here is to use the lowest voltage practical to sustain oscillation as this facilitates maintaining the applied voltage and reduces the device One more thing, if you do go to a DDS or other solid state VFO to drive a tube transmitter, be aware that you need some RF voltage, typically much more than a 0 or 10 dBm output. Jul 07, 2020 · I have a versatile, high-performance VFO design that is available in an easy-to-build kit. It had two 6HF5's for the finals and had a 300 Watt input. I wasn't able to test it with an actual transmitter, but connected to a frequency counter it provides the correct frequency outputs as dialed in. The Browning 23S9, S23, Golden Eagle T68 and Mark II 69T transmitters all have one thing in common. CW is the oldest way of conveying information by wireless. pdf - 840. Viking "Ranger" transmitter/exciter kit is designed for easy assembly by either novice or experienced amateur. asm (or 2017_DDS_VFO_V1-1d. 8 The VFO should have a mute input, my VFO has an opto-isolated mute function that takes a TTL-level drive signal from the QSK timing generator. Figure 1 — Hybrid transmitter (left) and VFO/receiver (right). pdf Lettine 240 VFO . A similar VFO was built by Steve, WA1QIX, for use with his Class E transmitters and was the inspiration for this project. Although not meant for transmitting it exhibits sufficient performance for RF operation through 30 MHz. $109. May 28, 2020 · Front view of the transmitter, bands, in order to determine the VXO crystal center frequency on 40 meters we add 4. After using the 6CL6 One Tube Transmitter and the 6146B amplifier on the air for several years, I decided that it would be great to have VFO control, rather than  Results 1 - 44 of 44 Heathkit Model VF-1 VFO for Vintage Transmitters - Good condition, Heathkit DX-60 Vintage Tube Ham Radio Transmitter (Untested). As in the 723, I used all new components, where available. Also included is a home brew voltage regulator and DOW Key antenna relay. Tube listings by radio in alphabetical order Model Qty Tube Description 136B-2 4 6U8 Noise Blanker 30K-1 1 4-125A Transmitter 30K-1 2 5R4 30K-1 2 6AG7 30K-1 1 6B4G 30K-1 1 6H6 30K-1 1 6SL7 30K-1 2 6SJ7 30K-1 1 6SN7 30K-1 2 75TH 30K-1 2 807 30K-1 2 866A 30K-1 2 VR105 30K-1 2 VR150 30L-1 4 811A Linear Amplifier 30S-1 1 12AL5 Linear Amplifier 30S-1 2 3B28 30S-1 1 4CX1000A 310B-3 1 0C3 Exciter The transmitter was loaded into a dummy load and an external watt meter showed 100 watts output, just as it should be. Tim KA0BTD Both the VFO's were designed to be powered off of the transmitter it was intended to be used with. Coax connectors are provided for connecting to the remote tuning cable and to the input stage of the transmitter. 0mc only the first Multiplier is used as either a doubler, tripler or quadrupler depending on the frequency desired. EICO Manuals. For comparison, the sensitivity was higher than the rockmite, SST, pixie and CRK-10. I have a salvaged Heath HG-10b (2 of them and now rebuilding with help) and interested how to make it work as VFO for this transmitter on 80 and 40 meter bands as others may also be interested in adding a VFO. I am planning to use the VFO with several different transmitters. , on key down the voltage would change slightly. Jun 11, 2020 · One such rig is the WRL Duobander. Power input was advertised at "60 watts CW/ peak AM on 80-10. At fors tthe VFO would drift abt 3Khz in the forst hour then 1 Khz per hour after. 19 Aug 2015:- Sandwich Digital VFO Complete Kit. Contact: Jerry/K8RA at (614) 764 5872 or K8RA@aol. com - Free Internet Radio for Baby Boomers! The HW101 is of course a tube type transceiver. That means there is only on step from RF to IF in the receiver and from IF to RF for the transmitter. asm for the calibration mod described above) - is the version to use with this add-on. I replace it with a solid wire. View and Download Heathkit HG-10B assembly and operation manual online. 45, 3 inch meter movement, imported 20K/volt VOM. If solid state parts are an option, a capacitor input supply is a much better choice for size, cost, and weight. 5MHz, for use in a 21MHz SSB/CW superhet transceiver with 5. The VF-1 uses one other tube, a 6AU6 as the oscillator. The DX-40 will need to be recapped but ortherwise seems in good shape. An Icom IC-910 transceiver with the 1. High and low voltage power to the KWS-1 Transmitter is provided by the 428A-1 Power Supply, contained in a single cabinet 17-3/8″ wide, 30″ high, and 15-1/2″ deep. Tim KA0BTD The trusty 6AG7 in its tall black metal envelope is the VFO, while a 7360 is used as a balanced mixer to convert the 9 MHz signal to the selected amateur band frequency. There are a few small paint chips on it's cabinet. The 6JS6C tube is a TV Deflection Tube, or "Sweep Tube". To use this stage as a transmitter, add a harmonic filter designed for 50 ohms input and output resistance. Remove the VFO from the radio using a 3mm Allen-wrench. Step 8 Final Finish. This project involves the construction of a three-tube ham radio CW (morse code) The transmitter is driven by an external DDS VFO and can operate in full  This output level is higher than many vintage VFO's and has demonstrated that it will easily drive most vintage tube transmitters I've tested with it. transmitter VFO ranges from 3. Evolution of 40 Meter CW Transceiver • R1 high performance direct conversion receiver • Rockmite 40 –performance left something to be desired • Goal: Build a real homebrew transceiver for 40 CW, This page contains photos of my homebrew, tube AM transmitter (called "BOB"- Bucket O' Bolts) which is sort-of still under development. The Hallicrafters HT-40 amateur transmitter covers 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 and 6 meters in AM and CW modes. The internal VFO is feeds into a switch that permits selection of three crystal positions, the internal VFO, and a 50 ohm input external. The rear panel has an SO-239 antenna jack, microphone jack, microphone gain control and T/R switch contacts. This VFO is simple to build and is quite stable. Building the VFO was simple enough; what I needed to determine was the voltage range the varactor (MV209) needed to swing from 7018-7050 kHz, enough to the plate Of the tube to the high IF pass band transformer- Output of this transformer (5,520 to 6,020 KHz) is ap- plied to the grid of the second receiver mixer, V203, 6BE6. 79 MB G4A01 -What is the purpose of the "notch filter" found on many HF transceivers? A. The rock bound exciter on the 6П3С vacuum tube utilizes circuit known as the "Three-point" (or Tritet in common notation). The AF-68, called a "trans-citer" by Multi-Elmac, was a 9 tube VFO-controlled six band (80-6 meters) AM/CW transmitter or exciter. 2. This AF-68 AM/CW transmitter was made in 1960 and was preceded by the A54 and AF-67. All circuits are simultaneously switched to the desired band by a single bandswitch lever. 75"d Approx. This signal source is tapped directly at the grid of the mixer tube it is  voltages of the VFO tube should be regulated. I first tried to update an old  VFO with the transmitter, the cathode of the. G4A01 -What is the purpose of the "notch filter" found on many HF transceivers? A. The motor for automatic channel switching at the left is missing. 3Mhz VFO is now applied to the transmit mixer, IC5, and is mixed with the 8 MHz crystal oscillator to give 3. The DX-40 is missing the crystal door in the The R-4 receiver, to me, is a revolutionary design. An article from the 1979 ARRL Handbook entitled, "A 'Universal" 3-Band Linear Amplifier" , built of junk and military surplus parts, and bits from Fair Radio Sales. The R4A came complete with every filter option available. FUSE PROTECTION: Transmitter fuses ore located In the 1 15 V. They all use a crystal that runs ON THE CHANNEL you are using. 74 VFO from 2001 ARRL Handbook, page 14. In retrospect, if I were starting over I would have built the 5 MHz VFO first, since that frequency turns out to be more versatile. 95 shipping. Shop with confidence. My first SSB transmitter was, of course, all valve. VFO tube should be connected to key jack lug 3, and the chassis of the VFO must be grounded to the Transmitter  With the VFO wired for cathode keying, the cathode of the oscillator tube is connected to the key jack of the transmitter for keying, and the grid block keying circuit  VFO: External (model 240-122) Power Supply: Internal Final Tube(s): 4D32 Modulator Tubes: 2 ea. I think every handbook had this style of transmitter, two tubes for crystal, add a third tube for VFO driving. It does not convey the spoken word using AM (Amplitude) or FM (Frequency) modulation. 5 and 14 MHz bands). Power amplifier input is 1000 watts on the 80, 40, 20, 15, 11 and 10 meter bands, and 500 watts on the 160 meter band. Plug-in LPF filters are available for all 16 HF/MF/LF/VHF bands from 2200m to 222MHz. Silicon po\vered, crystal controlled, external VFO, grid block keving, pi net. The best tube to use would be the 12B4. One of the real problems was getting the VFO really stable and the best I came up with But, there is a problem. Mar 29, 2009 · 1927 GE Article on Tube ('Radiotron') Theory, Part I, (tnx to K5PRO) 1927 GE Article on Tube ('Radiotron') Theory, Part II, (tnx to K5PRO) K5PRO - John Lyles' Gates BC-1H1 and Continental 314-R1 Transmitter Info. You can build a simple driver with a 2N5109, running off 15 volts or so, and use a step up transformer on the output. a xtal of 14318kc is put with 33pf so it gives me the frequency of 14313kc. 0688MHz intermediate frequency (IF). In 1966 Woody's first transmitter was a Johnson Viking Adventurer. Read the transmitter manual to see what VFO/crystal frequencies you are supposed to use with your transmitter. Heck, the rig even chirps a little when using crystal control. It is a 19 tube cw/ssb 80 thru 10-meter transceiver. That era of friendly local AM gatherings on 3828 kHz and 29. It is also a beam power tube. Receiver and transmitter frequency drifts upward, while the actual VFO freq. 0 me vfo. Knight-Kit Manuals. Size: 4*/2 h, 9 w, 8 d Weight: 22 lbs. I love old gear, especially tube gear. A computer controllable, colorfully illuminated 6-digit clock utilizing vintage Soviet IV-11 vacuum tubes. 28MHz 3 transistor DSB transceiver - a superbly elegant simple circuit from Japan. Transistor Complement: 2N1274 muting circuit. The frequency may be set by a crystal or external VFO (neither supplied). The VFO tube is a 837. Lubricate the wiper with contact cleaner. In all Here, ic TA7358AP used as balanced modulator. The VFO is stable after warm-up of about 30 minutes. RF power is 75 watts input AM/CW. Remote signal quality reports have been been very positive. Amateur VFO Radio Transmitter. This has excellent gain, and good sensitivity is obtained. The transmitter weighs about 85 lbs. Eico 720 Transmitter: 25. VFO DRIFT FIXES So to begin with, here are some things to try: Remove the VFO inductor shield for L118 and paint the inside of it with some flat black paint. Pre-mixer (VFO mixer) This is V3, with output anode tuned circuit to select the resultant beat of VFO and heterodyne oscillator (or VFO frequency in case of 3. These include  VFO amplifier/transmitter on the left. The VF-1 makes a pretty good flea power VFO transmitter when connected directly to a good antenna coupler. A short cable has been fabricated to connect from the binding post terminals to the 3 tube Transmitter/VFO amplifier. 50 and the wired version was $250. Even with a choke input filter, it will cause chirp. 3. Two compact units. 0 You old timers may be tempted to use a tube oscillator. The Siltronix 1011 radio uses a simple single conversion system. (P. VIKING "FIVE HUNDRED" TRANSMITTER-Rated a full 600 watts CW500 watts phone and SSB. It uses grid block keying which when combined with differential keying of the VFO allows me to operate full break-in. The VFO produces a two phase output (2 outputs, push pull), making it well suited to supplying a signal to either single ended RF amplifiers, where only one of the outputs is used, or to balanced (push-pull or single ended push-pull) RF amplifiers where both outputs would be used. 79 MB Youkits Technology Incorporated, the QRP radio company that making HB1B HB1A CW transceiver, FG02 FG01a antenna analyzer, TJ2B TJ5A SSB CW transceiver Apr 01, 2020 · Contact Information for Pacific Antenna If you have general questions about anything other than orders or parts, please email us us. Drake company. 0-29. really Apr 04, 2017 · I am really grateful for finally learning some about how these things work. Ideal for running older AM and CW gear with a STABLE signal. The power for the transistorized vfo was derived by droping the voltage from a high voltage regulator. So I had all of this in mind as I started to look for a VFO for my station. 0 to 26. There is also a problem with keying the VFO and the transmitter simultaneously, as there is a little key-up instability in the VFO. The assembled kit is as shown on the left. Note that some versions of the HP-23 supplies may not have an ON-OFF switch, so some means must be provided to control power. Other features include receiver incremental tuning, RIT, allowing the receiver to be tuned Jun 13, 2008 · The transmitter will probably be switchable between 1 and 5 watts out. A more convenient method of phone operation may be enJoyed by the use of an SPST-Norma11y Open, 115 VAC relay connected to the VFO and transmitter as follows : (a) Connect the relay 115 VAC leads to the "115 VAC'I or "Antenna The oscillator will only oscillate at the FUNDAMENTAL frequency of the crystal which limits this transmitter to the HF bands. 2 GHz option A 12AT7 is used as VFO oscillator and buffer tube. vfo for tube transmitter

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